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Vagamon Paragliding Price and Booking

This particular festival is held on the first week of April and lasts for a period of four days. During these four days the influx of tourists and locals attending this festival is huge. To be precise the festival is held at Kolahalmedu of Vagamon.  The sheer number of people opting for this sport will surely amaze you. The sky during these four days seems to be littered with brightly coloured Para sails that circle the sky like eagles. The crowd that gathers here comprises of novices as well as experienced riders.

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Tandem Vagamon Paragliding 

This particular form of paragliding is for novices and first timers. The term “Tandem Paragliding” refers to an extra safety harness attached to the Para glider where a guide or trainer sits and operates the equipment while the passenger can sit and enjoy the overview of the terrain below. This form of paragliding is considered to be safe for people who are beginners or learners of the art.

Take Off and Operation

The operation of paragliding equipment is not so hard however experience is a very high factor as the risk involved is high. To take off one has to make a short run and jump over a cliff after which he/she will be air borne. Then after the ropes of the sail need to be pulled and adjusted to navigate through the air.

Best time for Vagamon Paragliding

April to early May is the best time for Paragliding in Kerala. During this time, weather condition is pleasant with clear sky making it easier for paragliding

Vagamon Paragliding Experience

To jump off a cliff is something that requires a lot of courage even though you know that you are safe. This in itself is a thrill that other adventure sports cannot provide. However once the jump is made and you are air borne a feeling of ecstasy seems to overwhelm you.  The smooth flight with the wind blowing in your face, the emerald backwaters and lush green vegetation below, the coloured roofs of the villages dotting the hillside, the open skies and the unending horizon is something that will mesmerize you. An experience such as this is something that you will always cherish and no matter how many times you visit the memory it will always be fresh. To put it all in a nutshell, this experience is one that will always amaze you. This is something that one must try at least once in a lifetime, for the freedom to fly like a bird is an experience which you can always be proud of
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