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The name of the forest Sundarban itself explains how beautiful the forest would be in its wild charm. Abundance of Sundari Tree is one of reasons behind such naming of the forest. It is a big delta of Ganges, Padma, and Brahmaputra and the whole big delta along with some nearby islands are cordoned by dense forest covering almost 10,000 sq km, a portion of it is located in Bangladesh too.

The forest has several points to reach in order to watch the wildlife of Sundarban and for the sake of tourism the spots have been named differently. For example, Hiran point is famous for watching tiger, deer, monkey, crocodiles, birds; Katka for deer, tiger, crocodiles, varieties of birds and monkey; Dublar Char is famous for watching herds of deer and for anglers, and Tinkona Island is famous for watching deer and Royal Bengal Tiger. Sundarban Tour Packages is about reaching at these spots and enjoying more of jungle’s wild life.

Sundarban is quite a big area, and the entire area has plenty of tidal creeks, small islands, and mudflats. Therefore Sundarban tours are boat based travel programs and it has some restrictions as the whole area is the subject of tidal deluge. Besides the vast mangrove forest, its rare and diversified flora and fauna is the subject of these Sundarban tours. The most known and famous exhibits of Sundarban tours are Royal Bengal Tigers, rhesus macaque, wild boar, otters, spotted deer, Irrawaddy dolphin, Ganges River dolphin, Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphin, finless porpoises, different types of kingfishers, white bellied sea eagles, etc.

Sundarban is known as the house of some most poisonous reptiles like king cobra, pit vipers, and wise variety of insects, venomous and non-venomous categories, crocodiles and alligators. Besides mangrove forest and tidal water, watching the wildlife is the main motto of Sundarban tours and it can be best done via availing tour package of reputable tour operators operating in Sundarban area.

Best Seasons For Sundarban Tour

Although Sundarban tour operators conduct different types of tours round the year, it is always better to avoid monsoon period in order to escape tidal waves, and venomous snakes. Wintry season is the best season for visiting the place, although birdwatchers often prefer summer and autumn seasons for bird watching and recording the nitty-gritty of birds nesting within the lush green forest. However, it is a restricted area therefore prior permit is necessary for availing Sundarban Tour. The forest and the adjacent region is known for its best biodiversity hence visibility of wildlife is mostly available at this side.

Different Attractive Spots at Sundarban

Although Sundarban Tours are always refreshing and enjoying, some of the special seasons can make them even spicier. I have narrated a few events here.

  • Honey collection tour is arranged during wintry season; it’s a research based tour program known for its eventful courses. The tour is quite strenuous; however, it’s all about a traditional way of earning livelihood based on wildlife.
  • Fishing programs with trained otters has earned huge popularity these days. These otters are wonderfully trained by expert fishermen and they help in catching fishes.
  • Bonbibi mela is arranged in the month of January and it is one of the most popular folk festival; those who have nose for Indian folk culture, may arrange their Sundarban travel during this time to enjoy the special flavor of the festival.
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Sundarban is the most alluring area on the planet Earth, which is included, of the wealthiest vegetation. Yes, its the regal Indian Sundarbans, an area where the whole Indian natural life is weaved to the flawlessness. Sundarban, truly implies excellent backwoods. Sundarban is a consolidated ...