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Kerala Tour Packages to Enjoy its Magnificence

Kerala, the state with abundant green serenity, backwaters, jungles, and a lake with a 600 km coastline along the Arabian Sea, is also known as “God’s own Country.” It is one of the states where a vacation can be enjoyed in the most relaxed mood for everyone. One can enjoy the mountain, the boat rides on the backwaters, trek through the jungles, enjoy the beaches or energize themselves with the famous ayurvedic messages in any of the finest spas. One can be a wildlife traveler, a couple going on a honeymoon, or a group of people wanting to spend some quality time with friends and loved ones willing to take a break from the cacophony of city life or daily chores of life. Kerala tour packages extend its arms to everyone for some enjoyable and refreshing moments.

There are abundant flora and fauna, the mystic clouds over the Western Ghats’ hills or the greenery on the valleys, the sea, and many more that can have a gush in your adrenalin while visiting Kerala. It is one of India’s cleanest cities with a 100% literacy rate welcoming tourists from all parts of the world to explore the enchanting beauty and enthralled with its art and cultural heritage.

Kerala is well connected by rail and road from every part of the country. It is also connected by air throughout the globe, including India. There are so many places to visit and enjoy the state that it may take months to criss-cross the state and enjoy to the brim. The Kerala tour packages from Bestow are offering some best deals, so that one can choose comfortably.

However, everyone can’t go for an extended vacation, and therefore selecting and visiting the most preferred destination by choice is another option. It is best to choose from the best Kerala tour packages and enjoy like never before. However, some spots must be in your itinerary to spend some of the magic moments of your life.

Kerala Tour Packages With Prices and no.of Days

Kerala Tour packages No. of Days & Nights Prices
Delight Kerala 3Nights / 4Days Rs 10,000
Dreams Kerala 4Nights / 5Days Rs 12,000
Kerala Insight 5Nights / 6Days Rs 15,000
Explore Kerala 6 Nights / 7Days Rs 17,500
Enchanting Kerala 7 Nights/8 Days Rs 19,750
Splendid Kerala 9 Nights / 10 Days Rs 24,750
Colours of Kerala 8 Night / 9 Days Rs 21,500
Fascinating Family Trip To Kerala Custom package Rs 11,000
Memorable Family Trip To Kerala Custom package Rs 19,500
Memorable Family Trip 4D 3N Packages Rs 11,500
Wonderful Family Trip 3D 2N Packages Rs 9,000
Memorable Family Trip 6D 5N Packages Rs 21,000
Wonderful Family Trip To Kerala 7D 6N Packages Rs 23,500
Affordable Kerala Family Trip 5D 4N Packages Rs 17,000
Amazing Kerala Trip 4 D 3N Packages Rs 11,500
Fascinating Kerala Trip 5D 4N Packages Rs 17,500
Exciting Kerala Tour packages From Jaipur 4 Days/3 Nights Rs 10,500
Thrilling Kerala Travel Packages From Jaipur 5N/6D Rs 15,000
Make a memorable Kerala tour packages from Surat 5 Day/ 4 Night Rs 12,500
Kerala Travel Packages From Surat 4D/3N Rs 11,000

The Must-Visit Places That Should Be In Your Kerala Tour Packages

  • Wildlife Sanctuary, Periyar

 It is a 777 square kilometer Tiger reserve with a 26 square kilometer lake in between made by people during the British Raj. It is India’s most sought-after wildlife reserves and home of sambars, bison, langurs, the majestic tiger, and around 2000 wild elephants. Bids of different species chirp throughout the day, giving complete solace to the mind. The Flora and fauna of this sanctuary are like a landscape drawn on the canvass of the sky. Taking a boat ride and enjoying the jungle will relax and refresh your mind like nothing. If you are wearing your trekking boots, it is best to take the villagers’ assistance, which works as local guides end enter deep into the wilderness enjoying the Flora and fauna and wild animals and birds.

One will forget to blink as the sanctuary is so mystically beautiful. See hornbills, the cormorants, the Nilgiri wood pigeons, darters, thrushes, and many more apart from seeing wild animals from a close distance. If you get tired of trekking, give rest to your feet for a while at Kumily, a town 4 km away from Thekkady. Enjoy the hot sumptuous south-Indian meal given with Kerala tour packages and get recharged to move to the local market to see or buy spices like star anise, cinnamon, black pepper, clove, cardamom, and the famous Nilgiri tea. It is ideal for visiting Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary from December to April and staying in any private hotels or a property owned by KTDC.

  • Munnar

If you want to capture Kerala’s breathtaking landscape touching the horizon with the greenery of tea gardens, it is irresistible to exclude Munnar from your itinerary. Situated at the lower part of the Western Ghats, the tea gardens play hide and seek with the rolling clouds mesmerizing your eyes and the mind. Spend some quality time with your loved ones and listen to the sound of silence traveling to this place. The greenery of the tea gardens will help you forget the din and bustle of city life, and you will start romancing with the stone. Life is easy at Munnar. Watch the plantation workers plucking tea leaves, visit the tea processing units, or enjoy life drinking a cup of tea sitting at the local hut.

Discover the place more, mix with the locals, and know their culture. Tread on your foot and breathe the fresh air to four heart’s content. Give your eye to play with the pristine greenery of the place. A visit to the nearby Rajmala Wildlife Sanctuary at a distance of 15 km from Munnar will expose you to watch the mountain goat or the Nilgiri Tahr from close. Let Munnar be your starting point of the Kerala tour packages so that you get more eager to enjoy other packages.

  • Alleppey

Make sure to visit Alleppey, the gateway to the enthralling backwaters of the state. Enjoy traveling with Kerala tour packages and staying at houseboats and float on the canals forgetting the blues of life. Hire a houseboat or a heavy barge and follow the Kollam route for a mesmerizing journey through the jungle of coconut trees. Enjoy the village life across the banks and realize how simple yet happy life can be. Alleppey is famous for coir production throughout the globe. When do you last remember that a flock of goose passing your boat quacking? Well, the place is so beautiful; you will remember it for decades. The more you move, you are almost near the sea, but the fishing nets at the estuary will prompt you to explore other canals and enjoy the simple village life from the boat.

  • Fort Kochi

Enjoy Jewish, Dutch, Portuguese cultures in this Fort city that still smell of the British Raj. It is a port city over 600 years old, and traders, explorers, or travelers across the globe landed here to enter India to make a fortune or enjoy life. Enjoy some beautiful architectural structures from different parts of the world in this city along the Malabar Coast. Visiting the century-old mosques or the synagogue that is 450 years old will take you to the past and make you understand how multi- culture traditions still exist in Kerala. The place is also famous for Kathakali and Kaliripayattu art form, one of the most traditional and sought–after dance performances and recognized throughout the country.

The reminiscences of British, Dutch, or Portuguese villages will take you on a journey down memory lane and re-invent history and rich cultural traditions that the state embraced from all parts of the globe. There are facilities of homestay, heritage hotels comes with Kerala tour packages to spend few nights of your vacation enjoying the colonial past heritage. Take a trip to Mattancherry Island or visit the Fort and smell the rich history of India. Life is genuinely colorful at Fort Kochi.

  • Wayanad

A visit to Wayanad is a must during your Kerala visit. It is one of the most famous elephant corridors bordering the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is wild but a beautiful place and surrounded by the Biosphere Reserve of the Nilgiri. Get breathtaking views of the Western Ghats, watching the green paddy fields dancing with the clouds. Roam through the betel nut or bamboo jungles, stroll on the ginger plantation fields. See how cardamom is cultivated. Enjoy the rubber plantation and processing or get lost within the Eucalyptus and get thrilled. The highways crisscross through the mountains of the area, making it a perfect hill retreat to be in the arms of nature from the busy backwaters or the beaches’ hustle and bustles.

River Kabini flows through Wayanad, making the place more beautiful. Visit the Banasura Sagar Dam and see how River Kabini is tamed. The rich soil of the area helps grow a variety of cash crops similar to the country’s Gangetic basin. There are many resorts, hotels, and homestay facilities in Wayanad for unfurling your mind saying within nature for a couple of nights.

  • Varkala

Some 50 km away from Trivandrum, Varkala is becoming a tourist hotspot for a quiet retreat for the backpackers. More and more Russian tourists visit the place to stay cheaply without compromising nature’s silence and sound. It is skirted by the Arabian Sea and has many world-famous resorts providing ayurvedic massages and treatments to relax the nerves or relieve various ailments. One can attend any of the yoga, meditation, or ayurvedic sessions that follow Satvik methods, including diets and nutrition, and bring out inner peace and have control of their body, mind, and nerves. The pristine beaches of Varkala can only be compared to some of the enchanting beaches of Goa located on the extreme borders.

One can go shopping and purchase beach wears, casuals, silver jewelry. Bite some of the best seafood plates or drink a hot coffee cup while roaming on the muddy streets. There are many hotels and resorts to stay at the place, but if you want to fall asleep hearing the lullaby of the sea, and then stay near the Northern Cliff. Enjoy the sunset sitting lazily on the beach. Enjoy a slow-paced, relaxing vacation at Varkala for a couple of nights and give maximum pleasure to mind and brain. The place is still thinly populated, and people get to know each other within a couple of days. Enjoy this solace with your loved ones by your side.

The ideal time to visit Kerala 

Although Kerala is flocked by tourists throughout the year, it has high as well as lean seasons. Kerala is one of the states of India where monsoon lands first and leaves first. The three seasons of Kerala are winter, summer, and monsoon. It is advised to avoid visiting the place during monsoon, and it rains heavy and recently getting floods.

  • Peak Season

September to March is considered as the high season to visit Kerala. The heat and humidity are less, and one can comfortably travel to many destinations mentioned above. The temperature range at this period is between 23 to 32 degrees centigrade. November, December, and January are winter in Kerala, and the skies remain crystal clear. Staying in houseboats or traveling on the canals of backwaters becomes more pleasant as a gentle nip wraps you around.

  • Lean season

The month of April and May is hottest in Kerala, and very few tourists visit the place at these months. The beaches or other spots almost remain vacant and few tourists preferring the lean season to avoid the crowd visit Munnar or Wayanad for a cozy stay. Hotels and homestays from Kerala tour packages give discounts during the off-peak seasons, and many budget travelers take advantage of it.

  • The season for ayurvedic experience

 It pours heavy during June, July, and August. The sea turns rough, or there are flash floods. No much outdoor activity is possible at these times. It is the best time to stay indoors, visiting Kerala at this period, and enjoy the charm of ayurvedic massages and treatments. Less humidity, gusty winds, and low temperature are ideal for getting the best effects of ayurvedic sojourn.

Reaching Kerala 

The entire nation is connected to Kerala by rail, road, or air.

  • Air travel – The state has two international airports, namely Trivandrum and Kochi, and catered by almost all international airlines. Flights from Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Colombo, etc., have regular connections with the state. Charter planes also land at these airports. Domestic flights connect the state with Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and many more cities.
  • Rail travel – Thiruvanthapuram railway station is one of the states’ busiest stations, with trains reaching from all parts of the country. One can travel through the Ernakulam railway station, Kannur railway Station, Kollam Junction railway station, and many more to reach Kerala’s various tourist destinations.
  • Road travel – Many interstate Volvo buses ply between Kerala and neighboring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Many tourists travel by car or bike to reach various spots in Kerala and enjoy the place.

It is time to select Bestow for the best Kerala tour packages suitable for you and visit the state without any worries. Be in “God’s own Country” and feel the difference.

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