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Kashmir, located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is globally famous for its picturesque beauty. Regardless of seasons, the place offers spectacular landscape beauty, pleasant weather, and warm hospitality of the locales. There are lot many things to see in Kashmir and lot many things to do; hence it is a well known tourist destination. Kashmir tour packages are travel packages and these tours are designed in such a way where the tourists can select their own route of travel and can cover Kashmir in its different aspects as per their personal discretions.

Utility of Travel Packages at Kashmir

Travel agency and tour operators offer different Kashmir tour packages; however, it is basically to provide their clients best return against their travel expense. The main intention of designing these tour packages is to indulge the travel plan and intention of the individuals. For example while newly married couples will be happier to avail a honeymoon package, a group of senior citizens will love to avail pilgrimage packages and adventure lovers will certainly go for Kashmir trekking packages.

In remote past when Kashmir was a calm and quite community without any sort of political disturbance, then spending 10-15 days in Kashmir was not a big deal and was certainly regarded to be one of the best holiday destinations of the world; but in the changed condition, tourists seeking peace and pleasure in their holidays does not always feel free to visit this place. But recently the Kashmir tourism department has been taking great pain to promote the charismatic beauty of Kashmir through various ads to attract tourists from all parts of the world. Therefore the popularity of Kashmir tour packages is increasing each day.

Popular Kashmir Tour Packages

Although the name of the Kashmir Tour packages do vary from one tour operator to another, but some of the common Kashmir tour packages are mentioned here. I have done a lot of homework before planning for our Kashmir Travel, with these packages:

  • Kashmir extravaganza is a budget travel plan in Kashmir. It takes 5-6 days time to complete the tour.
  • Kashmir honeymoon package is for newly married couple or for those who want to share some intimate moment with each other against the celestial beauty of Kashmir.
  • Kashmir Pilgrimage tour incorporate Vaishno Devi Darshan and those who are physically eligible may seek permission from Amarnath Yatra; however Amarnath Yatra requires special permission from concerned authority for the participants.
  • Most of the Kashmir tour packages are centered between Pahelgaon, Srinagar, and Gulmarg….those who want to explore Kashmir more in its core; they should seek assistance from the tour operator. The risky part of Kashmir travel is the disturbance created by hooligans and militants. Therefore it is always wise to select reputable travel agencies only to enjoy a hassle free Kashmir tour.
  • Those who want to enjoy trekking in Kashmir mountain ranges should take detailed information about permits and other legal formalities. There is several Kashmir tour packages available, specially meant for adventurers and trekkers; however, it is always wise to take prior information about the area of trekking before availing any of these packages.

These days you can select best Kashmir tour packages online; in fact it is a better option even to learn while you search mostly about Kashmir and pros and cons of different tour packages. You can compare the costs and facilities offered in these packages by different travel agencies in a hassle-free comparative shopping manner.

General Kashmir Tour Packages

If you are going for Kashmir first time, you may not take any chance to miss any part of this incredible Kashmir. Before finalizing your tour package just check if the tour incorporates:

  • Vaishno Devi Darshan
  • Srinagar visit
  • Gulmarg visit
  • Pahelgaon sightseeing

Kashmir travel can be a life time memory, so it is always wise to go for the best travel and tour operators while selecting best Kashmir tour package for your family.

The tourist spots are indeed marvelous and they are known to all the travelers of the world for the natural beauty it has. It is being referred to as the Switzerland of Asia. The Kashmir tour packages provide you honey moon trip also. There is another one know as the India tours packages, even they try to serve their valued customer with proper care.

You will get the best and the most affordable Kashmir tour packages operators in the internet. The internet serves the best deal for such a thing. They will help you to get the best information available for the tour and shall be by the side of the tourist for any further requirement. The government of India is taking initiatives in organizing tourism packages for Kashmir not only form one place but from different places like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Cochin, Coimbatore, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Nagpur, Kanpur, Noida, Warangal, Mangalore and many other such places. The Kashmir’s love the tourist and it is a fact that most of the economy comes from these tourist who spend a lot of money in visiting Kashmir.

The Kashmir tour packages are made in such a way that people can enjoy the whole of Kashmir. It is true that if one needs to visit this place then one has to be prepared to stay here for a long time. Since you have got the chance to visit Kashmir then it is better that you don’t do anything that will shatter your trip. It is always suggested that you take on the full trip. This particular tour package by the government of India does provide the tourism information related to Kashmir and they see to it that the people are welcomed with warm hands. They do not compromise on the hospitality. The tour packages are such that it is cheap and it does take care about the other luxuries of the travelers to the paradise of India; exactly as it is in the case of Andaman tour package.

In Kashmir one can take the ride on the house boats and they stay in the astonishing Dal Lake, you can get the feel of all the vibrant colors of the flowers which you will get there. Pahalgam is a place in Kashmir which is known for its shepherds, the tranquil experience of Gulmarg is indeed memorable. One can even enjoy skiing in Gulmarg and Patnitop. You can even try out the holy trip to Vaishno Devi. Kashmir is basically divided in three parts or geographical region namely, the plains of ladakh and Jammu and the valley of Kashmir.

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