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The crystal blue lagoon, majestic islands, swaying palm-trees and startling sea life – that’s Maldives in a nutshell. Read MoreRead Less

The crystal blue lagoon, majestic islands, swaying palm-trees and startling sea life

Bangalore Tour PackagesBangalore Tour PackagesBangalore Tour PackagesBangalore Tour PackagesBangalore Tour Packages
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Bangalore Airport Taxi for your welcome in the Silicon Valley Imagine yourself in a situation… You have just landed at Bangalore International Airport. You have to rush to see your love, who has already been waiting in the Lal Bagh garden due to the delay of the flight. The airport taxi ...
In the first day of the tour, our representative will pick up you from Bangalore Airport/ Railway Station/ Residence. Then start traveling to Yelagiri in the air conditioned cab. On the way, stop for breakfast. On arrival, check-in to the Peters Park Resorts or similar hotel at Yelagiri. After ...
Nandi Hills seems to be the most scenic place near to Bangalore. By just covering 60 km, you can reach this beautiful hills station. Eucalyptus, coffee plants and other rare herbs give more beauty to Nandi Hills. This historical place is a witness of Tipu’s invasions. Here you will find Tippu ...

Bangalore is newly named as Bengaluru, as it is said in the language spoken by the local people is known as Kannada. It was once a major military place for the British.

Bangalore A very large area of the city is hold by the Indian martial and defense forces. It is not meant for tourist visit and for the public. Subsequent to freedom, the Indian administration grouped deliberately significant security, aeronautical progress and telecommunication industries in this place. It is situated 100 of miles far as of the main land shore and therefore secure from feasible opponent attacks.

Bangalore is well-known for its thriving Internet and IT manufacture. The town got a huge Anglo-Indian group of people and considerably extra modern and western culture than other Indian cities. It is true that Bangalore is considered as a high-tech town, but it does not mean to have no attractive sights as well. It is just a whole place of attraction. One might like to see the Palace of Tippu Sultan. It is the home of the south Indian king, who was well-known for battling against British, the Lal Bagh botanical garden the Indian Institute of Science and new scientific research institutes, the Bull Temple, and Cubbon Park.

Lots of international tourists think Bangalore is among the 5 largest Metropolitan cities of India. And a connecting state to further ends. Lots of public goes to see Cubbon Park, Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, and Vidhan Soudha. There is state assembly building, Vishweshwariah Industrial Museum, International Tech Park at WhiteField, Bannerghatta National Park, , Brigade Road, Shopping Streets like MG Road and Commercial Street. bestowtourpackages provides Bangalore city tour packages which includes all sightseeing places in bangalore.

Globalization facilitates Bangalore to appear as the worldwide customer support commerce out sourcing center. Not only the money that are determining the very new features of Bangalore but pounds, dollars sterling and many more things. The property value has blast unbeatably more than a few times throughout the last few years making laree areas high-priced for the standard Indian population.

The outer edge of Bangalore experiments a huge property growth particularly about the chosen place of the future International Airport of Devanahalli and also around the Information Technology strip. To be very honest, Bangalore is a very welcoming city. There are certain things people can sense glad about Bangalore is their very responsive community, a fairly global civilization, fine weather and accessibility of foodstuff and customer stuff from all over the world.

Stuffs people can feel sad concerning Bangalore is that the actuality that the garden city is quickly trailing its tranquil attraction, enlarge in the hunger for wealth, smog, corruption, lack, traffic jams, offense associated matters, mosquitoes, shortage of intake water, require of extensive notice of the system and industries, polluted roads.

Climate in Bangalore

There are numerals of visitor lures to trip into and all over the city of Bangalore. Amongst historical, religious and contemporary interests, such tourist’s attractions are near and value a trip.

Sightseeing Places in Bangalore

1. Lal Bagh Gardens

In the city of Bangalore Lal Bagh is a well-known tourist place in Bangalore. The Lal Bagh is named after its amazingly bloomed red roses that continue blooming all during the year in the garden. The garden has also a gathering of famous Botanical species. Although the flow of visitors to the park is a usual affair, the garden gets a festive look in the Republic Day and on the days of flower shows that are held here.

2. Vidhan Soudha

Vidhan Soudha is made in 1954. It is one of the main places of appeal in the Bangalore. The structural design of the structure is pedestal on the neo Dravidian fashion and it currently the places for Legislative Assembly of Karnataka.

3. Cubbon Park

Placed in the mid of the Bangalore town, the Cubbon Park is a striking visitor place that people must not forego.

4. Bangalore palace

Bangalore palace is one of the best traveler areas in this city. The design of the fort is kept on the Tudor fashion.

5. Venkatappa Art Gallery

Venkatappa art gallery is an enjoyable place for the people who loves art.

6. Tipu’s Palace

The fort and the palace of Tipu Sultan are among the best places to visit in the Bangalore. The structural design, the outline and the in universal appear of the fort gives the thought of the cultural Mughal method time.

7. Shiva Statue

The figure of the lord Shiva is a 65 feet high representation in a place of Padmashan or Lotus pose.

8. Bull temple

The temple of bull is devoted to Lord Shiva’s Vahana. Nandi is the name of the bull. Here one may get a vast colossal figure of the sitting bull which describes a large sum of public to the area daily. The figure is about 4.5 meters tall and about 6 meters long. It is situated at this place previous to the current shrine was made.

9. Aquarium

The view of the Aquarium that is the next major in the nation and it is fairly attractive. It is made in a very proper way. The Aquarium contents a superior set of a diversity of marine life.

10. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

The Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is also a very famous place in Bangalore that one must visit. Visit of the appeal