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Amidst the various hues of blue of the Bay of Bengal lie the scattered islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands as green patches, each showcasing spectacular features. Truly speaking, these islands are the paradise of nature lovers and tourists due to the thick rain forests and the crescent shaped beaches with the addition of a vast collection of marine flora and fauna. This Union Territory of India has 527 islands, of which 36 are inhabited and are encircled by the 100 km. coastal line. Andaman and Nicobar islands with a mixture of nature’s marvels is a delight for any vacationer. Book your Andaman Nicobar tour Packages and get an insight to this marvelous tourist  destination.

Tourist Destinations in Andaman Nicobar

Island tour has the advantage of satisfying both the sea lovers and the forest explorers and Andaman Nicobar Islands do not fall behind in these aspects. For the sea lovers the Radhangar beach and the Vijaynagar beach of Havelock Islands are the hot favorites. This island is bound by milky white beach, deep blue sea and coral reefs. Dolphins, turtles and other marine animals add to the charm of this beach island. In Joly Buoy Island one can experience the corals and the spectacular under water marine life. Cinque Island presents the wonderful coral garden displaying a large variety of corals. This island also provides adventurous sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing. Enjoy this tour experience with Andaman tour Packages

The famous historical Cellular jail in Port Blair stands upright narrating the tales of blood shed and sacrifices of the struggle for India’s Independence. A special light and sound show is presented everyday on the basis of the history of India’s freedom movement. Ruins of a similar jail of British era can also be seen in Viper Island. One can experience the saw- mill in Chatham which is the biggest and the oldest in Asia. Those who are more adventurous can explore the islands inhabited by the Jarwas and the Onges, but with special permit from the government. Fisheries museum, Samudrika museum and Anthropological museums situated in Port Blair are also other important attractions.
Andaman Nicobar Tour Packages for Couple
Andaman and Nicobar Islands can be the ideal place to give a romantic start of the life. Going for long walks on the beaches through the coconut groves, crossing the small and clean villages, passing by the gushing waterfalls or sailing off to Virgin Islands can bring out the perfect sense of closeness and togetherness in a most relaxing ambience after the big day. Cinque Island, Jolly Buoy Island, the volcanic barren island, Baratang Island, Havelock Island offers some exotic beaches where the couple san spend their own hours away from the worldly interferences. Visit this unique place with Andaman Nicobar tour Packages to enjoy a beautiful andaman.

Andaman and Nicobar Island is an awesome tourist spot with a captivating beauty all around. Bestow offers attractive tour package in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Visit Andaman & Nicobar with our best priced Andaman Nicobar tour Packages for a memorable trip.

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An archipelago of 572 islands, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands located in the Bay of Bengal are one of the worlds most breathtakingly beautiful and pristine islands. Lying along an arc, in a long narrow broken chain and covering an area of 8,249 sq. km from north to south, these ecologically ...
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The aerial distance between Bangalore to Port Blair is approximately 1650km. The cheapest way is to take Tinsukia Exp from Bangalore to Chennai then Spicejet from Chennai to Port Blair. Veer Savarkar Airport is situated at the Port Blair and through this you can travel from various cities and ...
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