Tourist Places to Visit in Andaman and Nicobar

Marina Park Complex

Andaman and Nicobar Islands greatest attraction is Marina Park and Aquarium, which is located near the Water Sports Complex and is unspoiled seashore. The pristine beauty, green vegetation and mesmerizing sea waves win the heart of tourists coming from various parts of the world.

Ross Island

During the British reign, Ross Island was the administrative capital of Andaman. Port Blair harbor is protected by this small island.

Water Sports Complex

Water Sports Complex is situated at the left of the Marina Park Complex. This is the right place for exploring various water sports activities such as Sailboats, Water-skiing, Windsurfing and Speed Boats etc.

Cellular Jail

In 1906, the Cellular Jail was built which was the house to notable Indian activists who were actively involved in the struggle of India’s independence. The name cellular came from the fact that it was made of individual cells. Now it is declared as a National Memorial and is respected by the people for the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters.

Gandhi Park

Dilthaman tank was developed as Gandhi Park and provided drinking water to people. This garden offers tourists with different flavors of rich flora. It offers various lakes, water sports, lake, garden, restaurant and has the historical touch of Japanese temple.

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Carbyns Cove Beach

Seven kilometers away from Port Blair, you would find Corbyns Cove Beach. This is an ideal option for surfing, swimming and sun- basking. Here one can enjoy great imagery, cool breeze and beautiful blue waters.

Under Sea View-MGMN Park

Twenty-nine kilometers away from Port Blair, you would explore an amazing MGMN Park. The blue water and amazing marine life would impress your heart. This experience would be definitely one of your best.

Red Skin

In the MGNM Park, you would find this amazing island, which has amazing beaches comprising of corals that would win your heart. The flora and fauna would definitely be a visual treat for you. Here you would also find four species of Marine turtles such as Hawk Bill, Green Sea, Leather Back, and Olive Ridley.

Light and Sound Show

In this Sound & light show, you would see the story of the freedom struggle that Indians went through. This show puts light on the happenings in the cellular jail before the spectacular event of independence.

Fisheries Museum (Aquarium)

In the Indo-Pacific Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, you would find Fisheries Museum. This museum offers you with 350 species of marine life such as polyps, corals, sharks, and starfish.

Naval Marine Museum (Samudrika)

Indian Navy governs Samudrika. In order to explore that history, Corals marine life, shells, archeology and geography of these islands come and visit this museum.

Chidiya Tapu

South Andaman’s southern most tips are Chidiya Tapu and bird lover must visit this amazing land. The green mangroves, the Sylvan Sands and the forest are an ideal site for picnic. There is a beautiful beach, which is named Munda Pahad. We offer you with amazing views. This point is also known as Sunset Point.

Mount Harriet

It is the second highest peak in Andaman and during British Raj, it served as the summer headquarters of the chief commissioner. It is a great option for trekking and you would find lovely huts at an altitude of 365 meters above the sea level. Here the view is amazing making it an amazing place for photography.

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