Best Things To Do In Maldives

Certain travel destinations and activities are called cliché for a reason – they’re popular. Why are they popular? Because they are unique and worth a visit.

Despite the clichés that some people may associate with the Maldives, it remains a definite “must-see”, “bucket-list” destination (to use come cliché adjectives). In any case, we’re giving you some ways to make your island holiday original.

1. Soak up the sun on the beach or poolside

Probably the most predictable of activities in the Maldives, achieving that sun kissed look is the goal of many a tourist who dips their toes in this region. And who can blame them? When they’re coming from colder climates where the sun doesn’t come out for months at a time, it’s no wonder.

To mix it up though, a day away from the sun loungers will do you good. Head over to a local island to see what life is really like for Maldivians.

2. Cliched photos ops

There is no shortage of photos taken in the Maldives each year, though some pictures are more common than others.

You could go for a typical beach sunset or palm-fringed seashore pose. Then there’s the characteristic water bungalows that stretch around the island lagoons, a seaplane on the water and aerial views of the islands, all photos that you can find in almost any Maldives visitor’s photo album.

To accompany these idyllic scenes in your album why not add some originals like daily life photos of Maldivians or a sunset photo with a unique silhouette, or get creative and try to capture a “sense of place” in the photo. That means, include a Maldives-specific element in the scene so people can tell where the photo was taken at a glance and to set it apart from similar photos of other tropical destinations.

Some of the typical photos taken in the Maldives are the same as the ones taken in other island vacation spots so a feature like a flag, a dhoni or a sign in Maldivian can make sure the photo doesn’t blend in with those from other dive vacations.

maldives couple romantic
3. Honeymoon for the unimaginative?

A Maldives honeymoon is an international travel cliché. Yet, the essence of a dream honeymoon is synonymous with what the Maldives is all about – luxury, relaxation, seclusion and privacy. Couples can escape to a place where they feel they are the only couple on earth – what a fantastic way to reinforce the bond and share a special memory together as newlyweds.

This match is just too perfect to suggest an alternative. A Maldives honeymoon will never get old. One way to tweak the experience for your tastes would be to focus the accommodation or activities on your specific tastes – take a diving holiday honeymoon, for example, or even a surfing holiday package. Have a photo shoot underwater with a whale shark or on the reef.

You could even get creative: Bring outfits that you can wear underwater for unique photographs in wedding attire.

4. Swim with a whale shark

Cliché? Who cares?! Just being in the presence of a whale shark is an experience of a lifetime.

So, if you’re going to take part in the whale shark experience, make sure you get a great photo. Take a look at the various photos on Flickr of people with whale sharks and notice how the best shots are taken. What position is the diver in and where is he/she looking? Where are the diver, the whale shark and the photographer in relation to each other? Find what looks most impressive and try to do the same. Because if you’re going to travel all that way and follow your dream of swimming with a whale shark, having a great photo of it is the real icing on the cake.

swim with whale shark maldives things to do

That being said, don’t be so caught up in getting a photo that you forget to live in the moment and feel what it’s like to be with the big creature – that’s something that can’t be captured in a photograph.

5. Track down a manta ray

Whether it’s at feeding or cleaning stations or just around the open water, wherever mantas go, people follow.

Like with whale sharks, swimming with manta rays is a stereotype of the Maldives. Also as with whale sharks – who cares?! This is a stereotype that you want to be part of. To be next to the gentle giants is a humbling moment that will live on for years to come.
The same advice goes for the manta ray as for the whale shark in regards to taking photos and taking in the moment.

Additionally, seeing the manta rays in great number during the feeding frenzy is a way to make you manta moment a bit more original.

6. Snorkel around the house reef or dive with a liveaboard

As a fairly effortless activity, and with all of the reefs around, snorkelers are as common as crabs scurrying across the sand on the beaches.

Rather than stick around the resort house reef and where the fish the aggregate around the underwater structures, the jetty and the bungalows, venture out to a pinnacle in the middle of the sea for some more adventure.

Scuba divers can take snorkelling to the next level with free diving down rather than just staying at the surface.

Speaking of scuba divers, for them the liveaboard experience could be considered a cliché. For divers visiting the Maldives the liveaboard option is commonplace – or is it? If you’ve seen some of the luxury liveaboards that cruise the Maldives waters then you’ll see that a liveaboard holiday is anything but ordinary. Jacuzzis and gourmet meals have become the standard. Take ScubaSpa Ying for example, the on-board spa caters to divers who don’t want to deny themselves the pampering that the country’s resorts are known for.

Not only that, but guest houses are opening up dive centres on local islands for a completely different experience. Casa Mia is one example of a guest house focused on scuba diving.

We do realize that a “Top (insert number here)” list is a cliché in itself, but we enjoy irony almost as much as we enjoy the Maldives. However, instead of making it a Top 10, it’s a “Top 6” list. Are we not just, so original?
Don’t let common perceptions of the Maldives influence your dream Maldives holiday. If it’s your dream, go for it and make it your own with a few personalized adjustments. Click to find out about and book a stay with ScubaSpa Ying or Casa Mia while their promotions last!

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