Pathiramanal Island Boat Service Alappuzha


    It is a tiny island at the Alappuzha district, the name ‘Pathiramanal’ means ‘Sands of night’. The picaresque and natural attractiveness nature which serenades around the lake as also the islet is breath taking. The islet is widened about 28.505 ha. From Muhamma boat Jetty it is lengthened about 1.5 kilometers till it touches the soil of Alapuzha. After approaching Baker Bungalow the island is at a distance of about 5 kilometers while the distance shortens one kilometer from Kumarakom.
    After the government act of 1979 acted as Land Reforms Acts, the islet came under the designation of the government. It was after the incident, the property was transferred to Tourism Department, presently the islet is vacant and no permanent residence is seen here.

    Pathiramanal Island Boat Service

    The nearest railway station to the island is the Alleppey train station which is at a distance of about 16 km away from the island and conversely it is the best means to approach the islet. 
    The closest airport is the Cochin airport, which covers a distance of about 98 kilometers away from the island and conveniently it is also the shortest means to get to islet, you can hire a taxi for yourself and lead your way to the isletAs we know the fact, that Pathiramanal is an island, visitors can enjoy the boat while they make their way to the islet.

    Attractions in Pathiramanal Island

    An islet renowned for watching birds and one who have a keen interest on watching birds are much more pleased with the atmosphere in Pathiramanal. It shelters more than 91 genuses of local birds and around fifty species of wandering birds are sighted in and around the islet. One can view the wingers such as Common Teal, Darter, Indian Shag etc. Various tourists have yet said the tale of viewing Monarch flycatcher. 
    The enhancing beauty of the coastline is the border attraction for the tourists, one can walk along it. The silent paths which leads you to the very lonely islet is another significant attraction in which you can view enormous birds chirping and nestling on the trees, what more could be more attractive than the scenic beauty when you march towards the island.
     Waters birds are also the attention seekers while when you row on a boat towards the islet, the fresh air which breezes through the coastline of the sea. Tourists can enjoy their holiday at the nearby Alleppey backwater too where they are felicitated with houseboats cruise and can sail whole day long at the lake. The mesmerizing fact is that Alleppey have given Kerala with a new name ‘VENICE OF THE EAST’.


    The tourists can accommodate themselves in the resorts and hotels nearby the island at Shimpos Lake Bounty Resort which is at a distance of about 2.7 km and the other residence who gives you the feathers of hostility is the hotel Breezeland which is at a distance approximately 3.7 km. 
    The tourists can enjoy the suspicious boat ride at the lake and enjoy the personifying beauty of the lake assimilating oneself as the vault to preserve a constant view at the lake to seek various information of Lake and the water preserved in there.

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