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    Here is How You Can Sail from Chennai to Andaman by Ship

    Andaman is known for the natural beauty and the variety of mesmerizing beaches it possesses. Traveling to Andaman in today’s day and age is not very challenging due to the regular services from several airlines across India. However, if you are planning to sail through a ship and reach Andaman, here is a brief procedure to achieve it.

    Sailing is one of the most primitive techniques of reaching a foreign land. Although the airlines have taken over this mode of travel due to the time efficiency they propose, things were not always like this. For centuries people have had used ships to travel across continents and visit a foreign land. Sometimes, these voyages took several months, and the only getaway during travel was the immensely blue and deep oceans.

    If you are looking forward to sailing to Andaman, starting from the port in Chennai, you are recommended to continue reading.

    What does One Need to Ensure before Sailing from Chennai to Andaman?

    Chennai is amongst the only cities in India that still proposes to dispatch several ships to Andaman every month. However, other factors for such voyages are not directly linked with public or passenger ships. The traded goods are better to be shipped and sailed due to the lower costs associated with the process. However, you can still travel from Chennai to Andaman via ships.

    Every month, there are approximately 4-5 passenger ships that receive people from the port in Chennai and take them to Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman.

    The complete voyage takes around 3-4 days before the ship reaches the shore of Port Blair. So, you would have to spend a considerable period in the vastness of the Bay of Bengal.

    After reaching Port Blair, the ship generally undergoes the necessary servicing until it is ready to sail back to Chennai again in 4-5 days.

    If you are planning to sail to Andaman from the shores of Chennai, it is recommended to be mentally and physically prepared for the journey. During the four-day travel period, you will be solely exposed to seeing the ocean and thus, being mentally prepared for the same is the key to smooth sailing. People do not generally expect to imagine how it is to board a ship for continuous travel, and so, they end up diagnosed with seasickness in the initial days. However, that is somewhat a normal phenomenon and passes away with time.

    Be ready to be thrilled by the mesmerizing beauty and weather

    So, by now, you should be prepared to travel by the Bay of Bengal to reach Andaman from the coast of Chennai. It is recommended to book your sea tickets in advance to get the best cruise ships and the most luxurious living spaces. One must keep in mind that the art of sailing is primarily linked with comfort and thus, it is suggested to book your travel with utmost luxuries. This helps you keep your mind off from the vastness of the sea and make your trip a memorable one.

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