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Bangalore To Tirupati Package by Car | Innova


    Tirupati Balaji temple, the divine abode of Lord Balaji, is a sacred pilgrimage place for Hindus. The enlivening sanctity of the Tirupati Temple makes it distinct among the others. The temple is overflowed with millions of devotees from various parts of the world visiting the shrine of Tirupati Balaji every year to worship the divine Lord Balaji.  Despite being one of the richest temples in the world, Tirupati Balaji temple is a place of solace and serenity.

    Tirupati Balaji Darshan is indeed an excellent sight to sore eyes. Everyday thousands of pilgrims visit the Tirupati Balaji temple for Balaji Darshan to get the divine glimpse of the magnificent deity lord venkateshwara.

    Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam has various arrangements for different Darshan that can be utilized to one’s own convenience and needs. The Tirupati Darshan includes various Darshans like Sarva Darshan,  Seva Darshan, Seeghra Darshan, Divya Darshan, E-Darshan, and more.

    Sarva Darshan is the free Darshan to view the Lord Balaji. This is referred to as the Darshan for all. The timing duration for this Darshan may vary from 6 to 20 hours of time depending on the special occasion queue and the pilgrims crowd. During special occasions the pilgrims has to wait for a longer time to have the Darshan.

    Special Darshan is a paid Tirupati Darshan with 2 pay types Rs.40/- with one free laddu; Rs. 50/- with two free laddus per head. Darshan timings are just as Sarva Darshan and vary to longer waiting time during special and crowded days.

    Seeghra Darshan is a special entry Darshan providing the devotees a quick Darshan facility. The cost of the ticket for per head is Rs.300/-

    Divya Darshan is the facility provided for the pedestrians who come to visit the Tirupati Balaji temple by foot.  There is also a special Darshan facility for the Physically disabled and aged devotees through the maha dwaram.

    Sudhashan tokens are issued by the Tirupati Tirumala Devastanam for all Darshans and Sevas. The pilgrims are given a wristband specifying the reporting time for the vaikuntam queue.

    The Tirupati Balaji temple has a well-designed queue system at the Vaikundam queue complex. The entire Tirupati Darshan queue system is neatly aligned and structured. The queue complex has a set of large halls connected one another. The Tirupati queue system is very functional providing the pilgrims all convenience until you reach the Balaji Darshan. The Tirupati Tirumala Devastanam administers all the activities of the Tirupati temple and manages the Darshan booking and other requirements. The Tirupati Tirumala Devastanam provide food, drinks, medical aid, and many other facilities are provided in the queue complex by the Devastanam at free of cost to its pilgrims ensuring that they get a comfortable Darshan. The officials at the vaikundam queue complex help out the devotees in assisting them and helping them through the queue with their needs. The Tirupati Darshan bookings and other activities are carried out by the Tirupati Tirumala Devastanam. You can book Tirupati Darshan tickets right from your home at your own convenience through online booking.

    Bestow tour packages offers you a varied range of Tirupati packages for your pilgrimage visit to Tirupati with esteemed guidance. Bestow tour packages provide Tirupati Darshan packages right from the start with all facilities concerning your needs. The Tirupati packages also include drop and pick up from the terminals, accommodation in Tirupati, quick Darshan, local sight seeing, and more. Our packages provide comfortable accommodation at Tirupati as per your budgetary preference. Tirumala Darshan reservations are also carried out by us making your trip a hassle free one.

    Bestow tour packages tend to arrange each and every aspect of your journey with much care ensuring that you experience a spiritual ecstasy with the Tirupati Darshan.

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