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    Although once upon a time, Bandipur was brazenly a wild terrain in the capacity of the royal private hunting grounds for the kings and maharaja, this place has now become a center of accommodation for many. One witness the good number of elephants roaming in the huge herds here, and so are the scenes of deer staring at people staying there. In fact, animal lovers enjoy the firsthand experience of them all due to closeness to the animals. As Bandipur is located in the Nilgiris foothills in between the forests, one witnesses the presence of tigers there. Having its distinction of being one such reserve out of the thirty reserves which have been located in the country with an aim to save and secure the tiger habitat, this place remains a valuable one. Equally, is this place known in the whole country for being the biggest Asiatic wild elephant endangered refugees that make it an important place? You may indeed enter inside ecological heaven when you visit the Bandipur Safari Lodge and stay there once.

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    Experience the Bandipur Safari 

    All of us are bound to play crucial roles in maintaining the ecological system by balancing it to the best extent possible. A visit to the wildlife is an ultimate experience for us to understand them better rather than becoming aware of them through taking such aspects for granted at a point in time. Go for that and explore it on your own through making a visit to this place that offers you the best wildlife experience to make you understand the deeper feeling and realities about such animals instead of your futile attempts to associate with any environmental activist for firsthand experience.

    Once you are here, you get to know about many things from experiencing the splendid appearance of the elephants there, and so do you feel their enormous power inside the jungle. Furthermore, you also come to know of the powerful nature from big forest area to various secrets from the ancient era that is preserved here. Your encounter with the unique gaurs and them staring at you are worth remembering for the whole life. Other attractions that keep you engaged are that of finding the chance to have a glimpse of varieties of leopards and tigers and so many other wild animals whose ferocity and arrogance you can feel during such visits. Your stay here not only makes you learn many things about animals but you also become mature to start respecting nature once you know it. A trained naturalist accompanies you as guest support to the jungle area every evening for an exploration.

    Company is also given to the bird-lovers to explore it to the best extent. Guests enjoy the company of hundreds of thousands of bird species from the peafowl to hornbills, woodpeckers, and crested hawk-eagle and others from wagtails to blue jays and partridges for the great experience. You love to spend quality time exploring nature, from hugely hued creatures with wings to showcase beauty.

    Its premises are enriched with various medicinal items, especially herbs and plants of decorative nature. Naturalists can enjoy the best through spending good times in the garden area and therefore get inspired. Approach our naturalists in case you are keen to know more about natures’ bounty here to expand your knowledge level. Your doubts are cleared by them, and so are you made aware of the many facets of its beauty. Spend quality time, and at the end of the day, you will have complete peace of mind post such thorough exploration of nature and especially various types of birds. It is an amazing feeling which you develop while enjoying a barbecue dinner in the natural environment.

    Accommodation in Bandipur Safari Lodge

    Facilitating all comforts to the guests, Bandipur Safari Lodge has been developed to ascertain it gives desired comfort fir that contemporary architectural style of it proves worthy. As the concept is to offer the best of ‘being one with nature’ experience, it doesn’t have any television or air conditioning facility in the rooms. The jungle lodge has the strength to accommodate at least 60 persons at a single time, which is of great attraction for visitors.

    • 10 – Cottages of Special category
    • 12 – General Cottages

    Season One can make a visiting plan for any time throughout the year, but one can explore Bandipur to the best extent if visit during summertime with an aim to enjoy the wildlife sightseeing to the most. One can easily spot the wild animals during March to May months when there is dryness everywhere and therefore they come out to waterholes for waters to be seen easily. Those willing to watch different types of birds may choose to come from November to January months due to it being winter and all northern Himalayan birds usually come out and can be sighted everywhere. Trekkers may visit here post monsoon for greater degree of fun and enjoyment. Activities Involve in Bird Watching, Nature Walk and Wildlife Safari activities.

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