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Best Alleppey Boat House Booking or Rent | Alappuzha


    Alleppey – The Most Awaited Tourist Destination

    Alleppey, the Venice of the east is one best backwater destination in Kerala where you get to live the best experience the state has to offer you with. Filled with a number of attractions from the refreshing and rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapies to the overwhelming boat races, from the popular Alappuzha beach to the rejuvenating spas, from the charming palm-fringed backwaters to the temples beaming with devotees, from the colourful festivals to the diminutive fishing villages Alleppey the backwater gateway is sure to stupefy you to the core. Housing a number of best attractions like the famed beach park, the bird sanctuaries, islands, villages and more Alleppey is one of the most fascinating travel destinations in Kerala. The place bears within the soul of rural Kerala with backwater villages. You can also enjoy the ways in which the locals in the area make use of the waters as their means of transportations which would be a different experience. While in the place, do enjoy a houseboat stay which is one main attraction in the complex inland waters.

    Is it worth travelling to Alleppey?

    Mostly referred to as the ‘Venice of the East, Alleppey true to its name are a land amidst the sea and the river. It is this geographical feature that makes the land unique. With all the beauty of virgin nature, the land is one best backwater destination that is worth a visit. The complex inland waters, backwater industries, islands and Bird Sanctuary are the most popular attractions of Alleppey that fascinates the travellers. The houseboat cruises offered in the land let you endure a different experience exploring the villages, paddy fields and palm-fringed shorelines. The beauty of the moonlit waters, the flavours of the traditional Kerala cuisines, and the complexity of the water are all elements that entice the travellers visiting the land making the trip worthy.

    The Famous Houseboat Expedition in Alleppey

    A houseboat is an integral and unavoidable part of backwater tourism in Alleppey. The land houses a number of boats and cruises with best facilities and interiors which are both modern and traditional. One of the best methods in which you can experience the different phases of the backwater stretches is by enjoying a boating. Alleppey offers the travellers with a number of boating options with different attractive packages. Some of the best houseboats offering services in Alleppey include the Rainbow Cruises, which is one of the best gold star rated houseboats with modern interiors and decors. One of the main attractions of Rainbow Cruise is the facility and the luxury offered to the travellers. Angel Queen Houseboats is yet another well-known boat service in Alleppey that offers the travellers with low tariff packages. With a mix of both traditional and modern interiors and decor, Angel Queen Houseboat is one of the best budget boats in the land. Prasanthy Houseboats, Johnson’s Eco Houseboats, Grandeur Houseboats ext are some of the other houseboat options that you could avail while planning to explore the waters in Alleppey. A houseboat cruise in Alleppey will offer you with an experience of a lifetime worth cherishing.

    How to reach out to Alleppey Houseboat?

    Utmost of the houseboats are based at Alleppey, the backwater gateway located between Kochi and Kollam. About 500 houseboats are based at this area whereas other backwater destinations like Kumarakom, Kollam and Kasargod also have houseboat stations with a lesser availability of options. Travellers are free to book the houseboats in advance through the official site of Lifemadeasy from where you can choose the boat of your interest from categories like Deluxe, Standard, Luxury and Super Luxury for any occasions including corporate meetings and marriage functions. If you are in search of a luxury houseboat with best facilities and amenities, Alleppey and Kumarakom would be the most preferred destination from where you could book luxury houseboats.

    Different types of Houseboat Cruise.

    Modern houseboats or tourist boathouses are the improvised versions of old traditional country boats which were once used for transporting goods from one place to the other. Present-day houseboats are made available in different modes and categories for rides, other function and stay depending on the size of the family or travellers. There are mainly 3 different categories of houseboats like the Deluxe Houseboat which is a basic category houseboat with AC from 9 pm- 6 am, Premium Houseboat which is of Standard Category with AC and the Luxury Houseboat belonging to the Luxury category with AC and high-quality interiors. Houseboat services are mostly made available on a whole day basis during the season whereas during the off-season you can hire a houseboat on an hourly basis. Houseboat cruise starts at around 12 pm and stops at 5 pm.

    Deluxe Houseboat Cruise

    Mostly referred to as the budget category or basic category houseboat, the deluxe houseboat cruise is one of the best options for travellers who wish to enjoy a cost-effective stay or tour in the complex inland waters. The deluxe houseboat has a common space which could be utilised for sitting and dining, a private bedroom with AC and the staffs available in the boat includes the chef cum driver. There are some other specialities for deluxe houseboat like the AC would be working only from 9 pm to 6 am that too when the houseboat is stationed. Deluxe houseboats do offer all meals onboard with a price starting from 6000/INR for a bedroom.

    Premium Houseboat Cruise

    Belonging to the standard category the premium houseboat offers the travellers with almost all facilities and comfort as in a premium hotel. Ac bedrooms with toilet attached, sun deck, kitchen and sit out are some of the best features of a premium houseboat cruise. Unlike the deluxe houseboats, the premium houseboat cruise will have the AC working around the clock. The food menu provides the premium houseboat mostly have traditional Kerala cuisines but some of them do offer Indian, Mughlai and Chinese food menu. Glass walls and upper deck are some of the added features of the premium houseboat cruise. Staffs made available in the cruises mostly include the driver, chef and the captain. Offering all meals on board the cruise charge a price of 8000/INR per bedroom.

    Luxury Houseboat Cruise

    Classified under the luxury category these houseboat cruises offer the travellers with best facilities and comfort as in a luxurious hotel. With Ac bedrooms, attached toilets, separate kitchen, deck and a number of other facilities, the luxury houseboat allows you to enjoy a boating or stay in luxury. Luxury houseboat cruises offer some of the best menus which mostly includes the Chinese, Indian and traditional Kerala cuisine. With high-quality interiors and best amenities, these luxury houseboats offer a stay at a price starting from 10000/INR for a single room.

    Is it safe to enjoy the night stay at the Houseboat?

    Even though the government does not permit houseboat rides at night due to several safety measures, stationed houseboats are permitted to allow nigh stays for the tourists. Night stay at the houseboat is safe as the boats will have their staff on board throughout the day for any help. All the rooms are well secured providing best privacy as the personal privacy of the travellers are given primary importance. In addition, all the major safety measures like a life jacket, first aids, fire extinguishers and more are made available in case of any emergencies. Moreover, travellers are free to contact the tourist police in case of emergencies.

    Low Cost Boat rides

    Apart from the houseboat rides and stays, there are a number of other means by which travellers can explore the serene beauty of the complex inland water at lower cost. Offering the travellers with a very unique and different experience of the complex inland waters most of the low-cost boating Options made available in the state would let you cherish great adventurous memories of the trip.

    The Romantic Shikhara Boat ride


    Shikhara Ride is one best low-cost boating option that the travellers who are not interested in a boat stay could choose. It is a small countryside boat with a capacity to accommodate a maximum of 12 People and offers the cheapest boat rides with a rate of 500/INR to 550/INR per hour. The shikhara ride is mostly made available in small backwater canals where houseboats cannot pass. The ride is one of the best which allow you to explore the visual beauty of the backwater villages from a close quarter. The cruise provides the travellers with an opportunity to leave behind the modern life and explore the village lifestyle. The shikhara boat packages mostly include a backwater tour followed by a village visit near Alleppey. The rides are mostly made available at both Alleppey and Kumarakom but the rates are cheaper at Alleppey as compared to other places. Advanced boat bookings are not necessary as boats are easily available.

    Motor Boat ride


    Motor Boat Cruises are completely different from houseboat rides or Shikhara Boat ride and is only used for cruise. It is one of the cheap ways in which you can explore the waters to its best. The cruise mostly starts at around 11 am would offer both snacks and drinks at the rate of 600/INR per hour.

    Canoe ride on a man paddling boat

    Canoe Ride is one of the oldest and cheap ways in which travellers could explore the village life of the backwaters in an adventurous way. Moving in through the narrow village waters it could carry a maximum of 3 passengers. It offers the travellers with an ultimate experience of the waters. The rate of a Canoe Ride per hour would be a maximum of 600/INR and is made available from 7 am to 6 pm.

    The Cheapest Kuttanad Boat ride

    A ferry could be referred to as a passenger cum tourist boat service flagged off by the state water transport department. Allowing the travellers mainly tourist to explore the beauty of the inland waters at most economical rates, the ferry is one of the best cost-effective boat services. The upper deck is mostly reserved for tourist whereas the lower is for normal people. The deck reserved for tourist has mini eatery and seats. There are almost 13 services which mostly start at 10.45 am and charges 10/INR for lower deck and 25/INR for the upper deck.

    Is Alleppey the only Backwater Destination?

    With an unprecedented geographical structure, Kerala houses a number of best backwaters destination that houses a number of unique and rare water lives. Apart from Alleppey Kerala houses a number of best backwater destinations with great natural beauty like the Kochi backwaters, Kumarakom backwaters, the Kollam backwaters and more. Keeping Alleppey aside, the backwaters of Kumarakom and Kollam are the next most explored inland waters in the state that fascinates the travellers with its unique charm and natural beauty. With comforting environment less affected by modernity and soul soothing tranquillity the backwaters of Kollam is one best destination for travellers who wish to have an escape into the complex nature. Located beside the most fascinating Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is yet another well-explored backwater destination in Kerala which fascinates the travellers with its narrow lagoons, while lilies, thick mangrove forest, paddy fields and more. Besides, the modern a traditional houseboats and the bird sanctuary that is spread over 14 acres of land adds to the attractions in Kumarakom. Apart from Alleppey, Kumarakom and Kochi there are a number of other backwater destinations in the land that travellers could explore like Kozhikode, Valiyaparamba and more.


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