Best Honeymoon Places in Kerala

Kerala is a city of natural sightseeing, some fabulous historical monuments, cultures, traditions and mixed economy state in India. In India, Kerala is the only state which has the literacy level of over 90 per cent and ranked 12th in India according to the population and density. Kerala is based on the coastal region of the Arabian Sea and has a humid and wet type of climate, but never fails to attract tourists from different states and different countries. There are many destinations, but the 5 top destinations for honeymoon Places in Kerala are as follows –

Best honeymoon places in kerala

1. Kerala Back Waters –

Kerala Backwaters is a canal which is along the palm fringe and thus known as Backwaters. To enjoy the backwaters of Kerala there is a special kind of boat which is called houseboats, it is covered from different sides, and couples can enjoy and experience this exotic place.

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2. Varkala

This Varkala beach is situated at the coast of the Arabian Sea surrounded by coconut trees, small shops, palm trees and paved footpath all along the beach. Varkala is also famous for its temple, and Varkala beach has been counted among the best beaches in India, and even a romantic spot to discover with one’s partner.

3. Fort Kochi –

Fort Kochi is also known as Gate Way of Kerala. Fort Kochi is a place which is influenced by Arabs, British, Dutch, and Portuguese and Chinese people and able to leave their marks on this city. Besides the fort, there are other beautiful things to see in a walking distance such as the oldest church Saint Francis which was built by Europeans in India, experience the traditional dance Kathakali and can have spa or Ayurvedic Treatment at Agastyatheeram Center.

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4. Wayanad –

Wayanad is a mountain region which is form by nature with the help of long chains of Coconut Palm trees, lofty peaks and paddy fields with an extraordinary scenic appeal to enjoy while travelling. It is a place of adventurous couples who love to trek and explore new spots with their partner. There are other popular places such as Jain Temple, dakka caves and wildlife sanctuaries too. The roads at night look like W shaped valley and viewing an eye-catching image for all visitors.

5. Trivandrum –

Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala and features many great monuments, museum and beaches all over the city. The places where a couple can visit in this city are The Zoological Park, Shree Chitra Art Gallery, Veli Tourist Village, Napier Museum and Shanghumukham Beach.

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