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Best Goa Shopping Market Street Places for Dresses and more

goa shopping places

Think lovely silver trinkets, colorful sarongs, stylish sun hats, glamorous sun goggles, freshly caught grilled shrimps, and what usually comes to mind is a beach bazaar teeming with hordes of tourists, all looking for bargains. Yes, you guessed it right – this is what a Goa flea markets is all about. As October starts, Goa’s beach shacks come alive with the cacophony of tourists, music and rented bikes and bargains. This is also the season when the flea markets set up shop, and the whole beach town wears a festive look.
Some of the prominent flea markets that one should not miss in Goa are the Anjuna beach flea market on Wednesdays, the Saturday night markets near Baga and in Arpora, the Mapusa market on Fridays and the Calangute Bazaar on Saturdays.

Here is the List of Goa Shopping Places listed Below :

The Anjuna Flea Market

The Anjuna flea market is a weekly affair on Wednesdays and is held between 10 am to 6 pm. One of the most famous flea markets in Goa, it offers a choice of CDs, books, handicrafts, spices, tea, trinkets and much much more! But the one to look out for is the Tibetan section where you can pick up some unique and beautifully crafted jewellery, exquisite paintings or interesting souvenirsThis market also sells second-hand goods at cheaper rates, but you must beware of touts who might coax you into buying inferior quality goods or goods at a higher price.

Arpora Saturday Night Market

If you in North Goa on a Saturday evening, then don’t miss the Arpora Flea Market.This is one of the most happening flea markets which is a veritable treasure trove of products. You can choose from a range of clothes, swimwear, beach wear, shoes, bags, handicrafts, trinkets, leather products among other things. This market is divided into three sections. One section stocks Pashmina shawls and stoles, hammocks, spices, and colorful cushionsThe central section is like a food court where hungry and tired shoppers can take a break and relax with chilled beer or some freshly caught fried fish, while the upper section boasts of products designed by local and international designers. This section also has a DJ playing music and a tequila counter where you can toast to your shopping loot!

Mapusa Friday Market

The Friday Market near the Mapusa Bus Depot opens as early as 8 am and is on till sunset. Here, you can shop for flowers, utensils, fish, port wine, cashew nuts or local sweets such as dodol etc. This market is also famed for the Goan special sausages called churizzo which are spiced and marinated in feni, a local drink, or red chilli paste and vinegar.

Calangute Bazaar

On Saturday, most of Goa throngs the Calangute Bazaar.This market stocks almost everything that you can think of, starting from meat, fish and grocery to textiles, pottery and jewellery.

So, if you are looking for a good bargain, don’t give these markets a miss, the next time you are holidaying in Goa.

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