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Abbey Falls Coorg Madikeri Full Info

Perfectly perched in the midst of Madikeri town, the waterfall is located approximately 8 kilometers from the main town. It is a waterfall you don’t want to miss once while you are in this planet EARTH. The British natives named the waterfall as the Jessie waterfalls in the death memory of first captain’s daughter who worthwhile use to resides in Madikeri. The waterfall is preserved in a confidential belonging and it is politely conserved.

The waterfall pours 71 ft downwards to surge as a small river, the falls becomes visible apparently, the water flowing between the rocks and giving up into the small pools. While approaching the place is a wonderful trip as the path that leads you is very steep and narrow which offers you a tons of experience with lots of interweave.

Two wheeler rides would be a happy ride and the most appropriate factor is nature welcomes you at every moment. The waterfall is much more pleasant inside the prohibited boundaries from there one can get a camera capture for memories you can gather. For the excellent view of the fall a hanging bridge has been built for the tourists.


It is obvious to have a beautiful flora around the waterfall, the chirping of birds, the silent waterfall that sublimely flows to the river is the most attraction for the tourist on the waterfall. The natural world which implements you with the most valuable company within the feathers of guidance that smoothers you with equivalent pleasure.

The nearby attractions are the Burude falls which is at a distance of about 3.4 kilometers and gives your time a worth of visiting and you can even claim yourself the luckiest one to be on the planet earth.

Bhagavati temple is another major attraction in and around the waterfall region which is at a distance of 2.9 kilometers and gives you the ritual feeling with the essence sticks around you, fumes recollecting your sins and the most the sculpture of gods and goddesses is the must see attraction in the temple. The waterfall attracts the tourists in a huge basis and the waterfall gathers tourists throughout the year.


Solitaire Exotica Resort & Spa, Sri Venkateshwara Residency, Haveli the Home stay etc. these are the best residence you can flush your dreams to walk in. The atmosphere in these hotels are much more comfortable than any other places you have ever been to, it serves you with the best hospitality and wraps you in a warm guidance which leads to happiness. The management staffs are well organized and appreciate your stay in the ambience on their resort; it makes you feel bliss from the paradise which just has been brought down to earth.

Things To Note

The rocks at the either side of the waterfall are slippery, so parents are directed to watch their children not to fall at rocks and cause an accident so that one don’t have to spoil mood during the time of vacation.

Tourists are well directed to guide their way with the taxi from the railway station and the airport, one need to pay a fare for that. It is a must visit destiny once in a life time, the waterfall sparks your mood and delights your happiness to the extent limits.

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